Thursday, February 26, 2009

Antoinette K-Doe, the irrepressible widow of rhythm & blues singer Ernie K-Doe who transformed the Mother-in-Law Lounge into a living shrine and community center, died on Fat Tuesday. Pictured with her here in April 2008 are Yee-Haw founders Julie Belcher and Kevin Bradley.
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margaret coble, aka mags. said...

are these for sale?

we heard the news at 7am on our way to Zulu tuesday... definitely made Mardi Gras bittersweet this year. we went by the Mother-In-Law on our way home from the French Quarter around 6-7pm, but it was already closed, apparently for the family to have their privacy inside. but there were still tons of folks hanging 'round in the garden, with a band playing and folks sharing their shock about Miss Antoinette being gone.

and we'd just seen her in Muses a few days before. r.i.p. Miss Antoinette!